Caitlin Elizabeth Proctor

Caitlin Elizabeth Proctor

Content Writer and Editor

I specialize in stories on physical and mental wellness, communication, and the intersection of technology and health.

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Volvo Promises Greener Cars By 2019

Volvo Promises Greener Cars By 2019

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From Bitter Rejection to Sweet Resilience | Caitlin Elizabeth Proctor

Rejection leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, a surprising sensation that shudders through my body. It's abrupt and unpleasant, no matter how many times I taste it. As a recent college grad on the hunt for my career, I've tasted that bitter rejection a lot.

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Meditating With Your Phone – Caitlin Proctor

Today’s post is inspired by a personal achievement: I hit my first 30-day run streak on the Headspace app. I’ve been using this app since October, but today marks the first time I have used it for 30 consecutive days. As you can see from the screenshot below, I’ve logged 80 sessions for a total of 19 hours of meditation.

The Pacifican

The Choice Is Yours: Love You To Death | The Pacifican

Dating violence does not only hurt the people in the relationship. As a child growing up in an abusive home, Lisa is predisposed to dangerous behaviors, such as suicidal thoughts, future drug or alcohol abuse, and possesses a greater risk of being apart of a similar relationship.

Where are all my spoons?

A story of the morning search for spoons on one grey spring day.


How I Use My Choir Experience In Interviews

It is a private audience instead of a public one, so I must alter my performance. The role has changed, but the practice translates.

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An Avid Reader’s Act of True Love – Caitlin Proctor

I like to pair my reading with an environment. Childhood stories are either read aloud to young ears or consumed silently in the quiet, dim corners of books stores while my mouth forms the words through a smile. Favorite fiction must be read in pajamas by the light of a single lamp (or preferably a flashlight). The nonfiction to expand the reach of my thoughts is pursued only while seated at my desk for serious contemplation and reflection.

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6 Apps For Mobile Writers (And Yes, They’re All Free) – Caitlin Proctor

The innovative tools I use to craft digital stories and media on my mobile device.

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Security Blankets Throughout Life Stages – Caitlin Proctor

Security blankets in hand, in heart and head, in home.

The Pacifican

“Keep It Consensual” | The Pacifican

Sari Lipsett, from the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA), came to Pacific for our campus-wide event titled Keep it Consensual. Lipsett presented to a number of people in the DeRosa University Ballroom on Tuesday, Nov. 19, though the audience was mostly composed of adults beyond their college years.

CALCASA was founded in 1980 and has been helping campuses go “beyond compliance” with codes in place regarding sexual assault.

Intervetion: Happiness | caitlinproctorpsyc436

Intervetion: Happiness | caitlinproctorpsyc436

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Yin Yoga: A Flowing Meditation – Caitlin Proctor

Inhale. Exhale.

Find slowness, find stillness.

Be a pond, no ripples.

Honor your body.

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The Perfumes of Memory Lane – Caitlin Proctor

Scents and stories transport us all to Memory Lane

The Pacifican

Love Your Body Week: Amber Krzys | The Pacifican

Krzys shared her own experiences with trying to attain an unreachable status of perfection: “Every single day of my life was about how I could be thinner; how I could fix my body; how I could make it better.” Krzys’ early professional career as a performer made her hyperaware of her physical appearance, and it became an obsession.

“Every single person in this room, you have all survived something terrible. That is common within the human experience,” Krzys claimed at one point. As humans, we are all survivors.

Live a Life You Enjoy | caitlinproctorpsyc436

Live a Life You Enjoy | caitlinproctorpsyc436